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What's Lakeside Institute All About?

campTo me Lakeside is a time to get away from home and go "home". Lakeside Institute is a great place to make friends that you will have for your whole life. Your day is pretty fulfilled when your are at camp, from games to afternoon activites and all the other things we do. I really can't tell you everything- you have to find out for yourself. The best part of Lakeside Institute to me would have to be (besides friends) the communion service. That is a time where you can cry tears of joy or tears of saddness. That is a time where you can open up to God and just give Him your heart and ask for complete forgivness. Lakeside Institute is a great place to go I only wish it was longer. That is my dream, to make it longer!
~ Theresa :)

Lakeside to me is the feeling of community in Christ. It represents what Christ died for- unconditonal love of others, and a love for our creator celebrated every hour of every day.
~ Brian



Institute's Mission:

To influence and invite youth to foster a positive, personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage their discipleship.