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Devo 1

From Heather B's Journal

I had written something in my journal after morning watch on Tuesday morning that I thought was worth sharing.

"Saw the duck again today. This time I was sitting by the bell on a bench.
He seemed to be using that as a visual for his location in the water and would keep coming back to that spot. I thought, "He looks so happy out there just drifting on the waves." He kept ducking down under the water as he saw waves, sometimes before he saw waves. He would be down for a long time and twice came up with a small fish to eat. I felt so privileged to see this small glimpse of creation and couldn't help but smile.

I found myself watching for him and smiling every time he came up. It was just awesome. Then I got to thinking that the duck represents us. Maybe he was enjoying himself out there, but maybe he was braving the waves and the chilly air because he was hungry. He was determined and didn't give up.

Even when his trips below the waves ended in no fish, he kept trying. And
he kept realizing where he was by visual markers and kept coming back to center. Christ grounds us and is our center, our purpose for going on. He will make us safe amidst the rocky waves and feed His sheep. We won't gohungry if we seek Him. He loves us. He is proud of us ~ of who we are becoming. But He loves us as we are. He's just not satisfied with leaving
us here. Change hurts. But God is good."