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Devo 4

In this world we live in, which so often seems more secular than sacred, it is very difficult to live the way Jesus commands. Exodus 23:4-5 tells us that if your neighbor needs help, whether for himself or his donkey, that you are to help him, even if he is your enemy. Jesus was sent so we could understand that to love someone simply because they are friend or family is too easy. We are called to love His whole creation, not just those who love us or can give us something in return!

Jesus said in Luke 10:25-37, to love your neighbor as yourself. He said this, I believe, to help us understand the way God loves us! Unconditionally! So if you see someone on the street begging, give something of what you have to him. You may be entertaining angels. Never pass up an opportunity to be God's hands and feet. For some people, you will be the only 'Jesus' they see! Give your extra clothing to a homeless shelter or a battered women's shelter. Volunteer to help at a soup kitchen or mission work. Something where your pay is not monetary, but the warmth you will receive in your heart.

Please read Exodus 12:1-4. I now have a whole new way of seeing this passage. If you truly love your God, and you seek to serve Him in any way you can, you ARE sharing the Lamb.

Remember, no matter how much you do for Him, you cannot out-give God. Your blessings will overflow!

In His Love,