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Lakeside's Long History

The first Institute of the Ohio State Epworth League was held in Lakeside August 11-15, 1915 with 125 delegates in attendance. A fine program was arranged, and the faculty was untiring...

The young organization "grew in stature, and in wisdom, and in favor with God and man." The name was changed in 1916 to The Lakeside Epworth League Institute...
Planned recreation, sports, good food, and inspiring leadership contributed to the high morale. The Morning Watch was well attended... Youth [were] seeing life whole, and enjoyed the experience.

The growing Institute divided into North-East Ohio and West Ohio Conference divisions. The numbers continued to increase, and further divisions by Districts were made. Prominent ministers and missionaries of world influence continued to bring a world-message to these hundreds of young people.
* Taken from "The Light and Life of Lakeside-on-Lake Erie," 1948