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Lakeside Institute 2014
Lakeside, Ohio
Theme: Epic

Evening Activities


Afternoon Activities

You will be able to signup for an activity at registration. Look these over.

Note: Worship Band is an activity this year. If you want to play with the band, bring your instrument. (Limit of 12 participants)



Lakeside Institute 2013 - July 21-27, 2013
Lakeside, Ohio

Stats from 2013:
152 Campers
30 Staff
Theme: Connect

Lakeside Institute Midwinter - February 20-22, 2015
Camp Wanake, Beach City, Ohio

Here is a typical daily schedule at camp

7:00-8:00 Wake up & cabin/unit clean up
8:00 Morning watch
8:30-9:15 Breakfast
9:20 Singing in Wesley
9:30 Chaplains hour
10:30 Small Group
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:30 Afternoon activity
2:30-3:30 H-Hour
3:30-5:30 Free time
5:30-6:30 Dinner
6:30-8:00 Small group
8-9:30 Evening activity
9:30-10:20 Free time
10:20 Singing in Wesley
10:30 Closing circle in Wesley
11:00 to Units/cabins
11:30 Lights out


Info from Previous Camps

Lakeside Institute 2012

Theme- THRIVE: Living the Life God Intended

Activities for 2012



Arts & Crafts

For Arts & Crafts we will be doing micro canvas paintings, bleached t-shirts (bring any non-white t-shirt) along with many more fun activities!


Are you into photography or technology? Multimedia is your opportunity to take pictures and video throughout the week to capture the fun and excitement that Lakeside Institute has to offer. Other activities will surround slide shows, a camp calendar and many others.


Fishing will give campers an opportunity to drop a line into Lake Erie to try and catch dinner (just kidding)! An official Ohio fishing license is required for anyone wanting to participate.

Sports 1 – Competitive

Competitive sports will focus on large team activities: baseball, kickball, and many others. Running/Tennis shoes are required for this activity.

Sports 2 – Low Impact

Low impact sports will consist of walking Lakeside, water aerobics, playing the Wii and other fun ways to get in a work out. Feel free to bring your own hand weights or stretch bands.

Meditation, Prayer & Journaling

This activity is designed to help you grow closer to God through writing down your thoughts, prayers, and/or events of the day. Journaling supplied will be provided.

What’s Cooking?

Are you ready to be the next Iron Chef? You will learn hands-on knife skills, food safety handling, and other food preparation techniques. There will also be a Food Wars competition on Friday with the Deans acting as judges!

Acting UP

We will be creating our own skits and dramas to share with camp throughout the week. If you wish to bring something ‘special’ it could become a prop in one of our presentations.

Sign Language

Combining American Sign Language (ASL) and choreography this activity will be performing a unique style of worship. We will bring  power and emotional accents and moving visualization to the music and words of popular worship songs (and original worship music) to be shared during chaplain’s hour and other worship opportunities throughout the week.

Lazy Lakeside

Board games, chalking, and other relaxing games will be played during this afternoon activity. Have a game you would like to share? Feel free to bring it!

Lakeside Ladies

This is a chance for girl talk about friendships & faith.  We will also have a mani pedi day, snacks and other fun activities.


Bring your instruments and/or voices and join us in Band! The camper-led band will be leading worship for chaplains’ hour and more. Any instruments are welcome!


We will be doing a variety of painting styles and activities including painting as a way to worship God. Any and all skill levels are welcome.

Manly Men

This group of young men will be discussing situations, talking about how you can make good decisions as men of God. There will be discussions surrounding challenges you are currently having or can anticipate in the future with guidance as you continue grow in your faith.


Lakeside Institute 2011

Theme- Guess Who? - Mark 8:29

Afternoon Activities 2011

  • Reel to Real
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Multimedia
  • Fishers of Fish - bring a fishing pole and fishing license
  • Lazy Lakeside Afternoon
  • Paintings - bring painting supplies
  • Sports 1 - Competitive
  • Sports 2 - Low Impact
  • Differences Between Religions & Prayer Journaling
  • Dirty Jobs
  • Band - bring your guitar or bass, we will have a keyboard and drums
  • Developing a Deeper Spiritual Life
  • Cooking
  • Drama

Other Things at Camp 2011

  • Top Secret Dance- dress like a spy if you want!
  • Communion Night- some youth like to dress up
  • Staff/Camper Softball Challenge
  • School Spirit Day
  • Talent Show- Friday night


Lakeside Institute 2010

Theme- Prepare for Takeoff

Afternoon Activities 2010:

multimedia, dirty jobs, fitness, painting, scripture and journaling, fishers of men, lazy lakeside afternoon, band, cooking, drama.

Other Things at Camp 2010

  • Destination Dance- think of a place that you would like to go, dress like that place!
    • If you want to go to Rome, dress in a toga
    • If you want to go to Hawaii, dress in a hawaiian shirt
  • Communion Night- some youth like to dress up
  • Staff/Camper Softball Challenge
  • School Spirit Day
  • Talent Show- Friday night


Lakeside Institute 2009

Theme- H2O Hope 2 Overcome, Hearts to Overflowing

Evening Activities


Geocaching Scavenger Hunt with GPS
Monday Pirate of the Caribbean Dance/Board Games Night
Tuesday Waterfront Games
Wednesday Luau and Singalong on the Pavilion
Thursday Communion Service
Friday Talent Show/Celebration

Afternoon Activity Information

  • Lazy Lakeside Afternoon
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Drama/Improv
  • Sports
  • Dirty Jobs
  • Fitness
  • Institute Studios Multimedia
  • Fishers of Men - bring your fishing license if over 16
  • Movie Review


Lakeside Institute 2008

Theme: Shake, Rattle and Roll

Campers: 69

Staff: 23

Chaplain: Dan the Man Walker

Evening Programs

  • Mission Impossible
  • Drive-In Movie Night at Wesley
  • Olympic Tournaments
  • Communion
    • a night to dress up and enjoy a great evening!
  • The Most Extreme, Outrageous, Stupendous, Crazy, Over-the-top, Lakeside Variety Show!
    • if you want to prepare a skit, performance or an act, go for it
  • 50s Sock Hop -
    • bring 50s clothes for more fun (think Grease!)


Afternoon Activities

  • Institute Studios (Multimedia) - Brian H. and Dan B.
  • Sports - Kevin and Jim
  • Movie Review - Brian R. and Ruth
  • Rock n Reel - Jason, Rachael, and P.J. (campers over 16 who participate in Rock n Reel will need a fishing license)
  • Scrappin/Stampin - Sherry and Kim
  • Afternoon on the Porch - Susan and Bev
  • Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe... and John- John and Mike
  • Brain Teasers - Randy and Jenn
  • Acting Out - Lenore and Lora
  • Illusions- Dan W. and Jeff